Please read the notes to the end and then apply using the reservation form.

コースについて / about session courses


Basic course

  • 脚、足責め、鞭、スパンキング、縄、前立腺開発、乳首開発、言葉責め、浣腸、強制排泄、剃毛、金蹴り、玉責め、水責め、拷問などなど
  • Leg, foot torture, whip, spanking, rope, prostate development, nipple development, verbal torture, enema, forced defecation, shaving, golden kick, ball torture, water torture, torture, etc.


Mummification Course♪

  • ストレッチフィルムとテープで梱包します。ご希望の資材がございましたらご相談ください。
  • Pack with stretch film and vinyl tape. Please check this article for coursedetails. Please contact us for any other materials you require. 



date course *Only after the second time

  • お買い物の付き添いや美術館や博物館、裁判の傍聴など
  • Shopping escort, Museums, Hearing a court case, etc.

ベーシックコース料金/Session fee


A fee paid for the session. *I will ask you for details of your request, ng, philosophy and ideas at the initial consultation.

$300 / ¥30000 / 90min

$400 / ¥40000 /120min

$600 / ¥60000 / 180min

マミーコース / Mummification Course


Pack with stretch film and vinyl tape. Please check this article for course details.

$250 / ¥25000 / 90min

*Option or Extended 30 min + $50 / ¥5000




【Location and time】

/Please choose a start time between 10:00 - 21:00.
/The hotel near Shinjuku station or Azabu Alpha Inn will be used. Otherwise, round-trip transportation from Shinjuku will be charged.
/Travel to other parts of Japan may be possible with additional travel expenses. Please contact me for details.




/Use of minors
/Demanding or coercing sexual intercourse
/Filming or recording without permission
/Possession or use of illegal drugs
/Other criminal acts.
/Touching, licking, or servicing a Mistress without her permission.
/Forcing the Mistress to be topless or nude.
/Normal health services such as kissing or fellatio.
/Golden play💩, vomiting, baby play, bug squashing, etc.
/Any other behavior that the Mistress deems objectionable.

【From reservation to the day of the session】

/Reservations are required. Please make reservations well in advance. Please make a reservation by 5:00 p.m. the day before.
/Please submit the reservation form. If you do not receive a reply within 48 hours after sending the form, please send it again.
/We reserve the right to refuse reservations depending on the e-mail communication.

/Cancellation on the day of the appointment will incur a cancellation fee. If you do not contact us, you will not be able to use our services in the future.
/Fees must be paid in cash on the day of the session. We do not accept payment by credit card at this time. Please note that hotel charges are not included in the fee.
/Please note that we will meet you at the hotel lobby and enter your room with you.
/Cancellations made the day before or the day of the booked session will be charged half of the booked session fee, and cancellations made the day of the booked session will be charged the full booked session fee. If payment is not received, you will not be able to attend your next session.



・前日、当日のキャンセルにつきましては、前日キャンセルの場合ご予約いただいたコース金額の半額、当日キャンセルの場合は全額を請求いたします。Paypayかクレジットカードの決済URLをお送りいたしますので お手数ですがお支払いをお願いいたします。お支払いいただけなかった場合、以後のセッションはお断りいたします。

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